Ever been paranoid that 'big brother' is listening? Ever since technology consumed our entire world, people have been concerned that the government is either listening to them or watching them through cameras on their devices.

This fear grew even more when technology such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Facebook portals became popular. Because if a device knows when you say 'Hey Alexa', then it's obviously always listening.

It may not always be recording necessarily, but it's been confirmed that devices such as the Alexa are always listening.

So if they don't record, then why would amazon reportedly hire employees to LISTEN BACK to THOUSANDS of audio clips over a span as long as 9 hour shifts. Yeah... creepy right? WGN reports -

Amazon reportedly employs thousands of full-time workers and contractors in several countries, including the United States, Costa Rica and Romania, to listen to as many as 1,000 audio clips in shifts that last up to nine hours. The audio clips they listen to were described as “mundane” and even sometimes “possibly criminal,” including listening to a potential sexual assault.

In response Amazon said -

They take “security and privacy of our customers’ personal information seriously.” The company said it only annotates an “extremely small number of interactions from a random set of customers.”

There are settings so users can opt out of features that would lead to a situation like this. However, personally, this makes me feel weird and violated.

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