For the last five months, we've been cooped up, and doing a whole lot of nothing. That still doesn't make what's turning these men on any less weird.

If you followed the advice of your friends and decided to date a 'nerd', or a 'tech geek', this is going to make you a little uncomfortable.

The survey says that nearly 2 out of every 10 men are enjoying their fancy, high tech gadgets a little more than you might realize. What the was revealed is that these men, referred to as 'technosexuals', are aroused by their smart-speaker Alexa.

Turns out, that for a technosexual, when there's a 'ping' from a message or he's able to swipe right, his brain release dopamine (the 'happiness hormone'). That hormonal reaction leads to a deep, emotional bond to that gadget and that habit.

In The Steve Shannon Show segment below, Producer MJ wanted to get the truth from her huge 'tech geek' boyfriend, on if he found Alexa sexy.

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