It took a bit but with the rain and despite the not so warm weather we've received over the past couple of weeks, it seems morels have finally arrived.

People have been sharing pictures of what they've found on the Illinois Morel Mushrooms on Facebook and for the most part, the finds have been from the central and southern parts of the state.

That was until a few days ago, where a couple of different pictures, one from Winnebago County and Ogle County suddenly popped up.

The map on the popular morel hunters page was then updated reflecting, yes, morels are now in the Rockford area.

Despite the lockdown due to the coronavirus, this little nature hike is giving us a great opportunity to get some fresh air and hunt for some morels.

My best guess, if you can't wait a week or so, it looks like we're getting more rain. The damp weather along with potentially rising temperatures should help us get even more morels in the coming weeks.

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