If you've been itching to go for a walk, while the entire state is under a shelter-in-place order, now might be the time.

For real though, if you are a morel hunter and live in the Rockford area, you may have to wait another week or so, but if you live in the mid to southern part of Illinois, you probably are already seeing the mushrooms popping up.

Illinois Morel Mushrooms on Facebook shared a detailed map of where morels are starting to show in Illinois just this past Sunday.

Morel Mushroom finds are starting to pick up more & more each day! Black Morels are reaching peak production in some Southern Illinois Counties while Grey Morels are being found more & more by these Counties and even new Counties! Each Morel on the Map represents 1 proven confirmed find in your county. Once your County is completely full of Morel Mushrooms on the Map the average hunter can expect to have their best chance of finding Morels. Remember to always think positive & have fun!

According to sciencing.com, the best places to look for morel mushrooms are "along the edge of forested areas where you find oak, elm, aspen and ash trees growing."

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