Are you still hunting for Pokemon?

This weekend, Chicago's Grant Park hosted the first ever Pokemon Go festival, and as you can guess, there were a bunch of issues.

I'm not gonna lie, I did not realized people were still playing Pokemon Go.

I forgot all about the phone based Pokemon hunting game that took over the entire summer.

But thousands of people showed up at the event, so apparently it's still a thing.

So much so, that the event was pretty much a disaster.

According to NBC Chicago, the over 20,000 people who came to play had to stand in hour long lines, then couldn't even take part in the festival due to technology glitches.

Don't worry though, all of the attendees who traveled from across the country to take part in this festival got their $20 ticket refunded and were given $100 in 'Pokecoins.'

If I knew how to type the eye roll emoji in right now I would.

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