Did you know there's a deserted mine underneath the city of Galena, Illinois. It's creepy, amazing and it's believed to be haunted.

In the 1800s mining was very popular and in 1822 an Irishman purchased the Vinegar Hill Mine, according to onlyinyourstate.com. While the private mining industry is pretty much gone in this country, many of the mines are still there. The Vinegar Hill mine in Galena was closed after being handed down for many generations. The mine was turned into a museum that offered tours but that's close now too. As you'll see in the video below, the mine is still there... and it's a bit creepy... and perhaps haunted.

Five years ago, I had the wonderful experience of narrating a documentary titled, Ghosts In Galena with Paranormal CPR television producer Chuck Parker.

Are There Ghosts Roaming Underneath Galena, Illinois?

Below are some segments from the Ghosts in Galena documentary.

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