It looks like people are going to have to go online to buy their bath towels in the future.

While at least some, not all, of the Bed Bath & Beyond stores in Illinois are closing it appears a few have managed to avoid the chopping block.

You have to wonder how long those that didn't close up will remain open though.

I'll be honest, I feel like I liked the idea of Bed Bath & Beyond more than I actually liked the store. Not sure what it was but it was never a top consideration when I needed stuff for beds, baths, or even beyond.

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Not that I want the place to close, because I know what empty storefronts and jobless people do to cities and economies but I always kind of thought a lot of their stuff was a bit overpriced for what you'd get.

At the same time Bed Bath & Beyond always had some form of coupon that you could use to knock the price down a few bucks.

It was similar to a Hobby Lobby coup model where, if you just work a bit more, you could probably save a whole bunch of money on your purchase.

Well, people must have decided against working harder to save a few bucks and are just buying things similar to what Bed Bath & Beyond offers online, like Amazon, or in person at Walmart, and/or Target.

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That said, I did buy a really cool popcorn maker from Bed Bath & Beyond years ago that somehow I still own.

Anyway, Bed Bath & Beyond announced they are closing six stores in Illinois and they are, per WQRF via MSN:

  • Bourbonnais: 2056 North State Route 50
  • Carbondale: University Mall, 1265 E. Main Street
  • Fairview Heights: Fairview Center, 6611 N. Illinois
  • Gurnee: 6132 Grand Ave., Gurnee Mills Mall
  • Joliet: 2850 Plainfield Road
  • Schaumburg: 915 East Golf Road

Bed Bath & Beyond has not announced when these stores will officially shutter. Keep checking for updates.

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