If you've ever wished you could go back and do Summer Camp again like you did when you were a kid, or you never had that experience, this is for you.

Did you ever go to summer camp as a kid? I did. It was awesome. A week full of swimming, hiking, canoeing, horse back riding, arts & crafts, campfires, flashlight tag, bunking with friends... the list goes on. I miss all that. If we could only go back to those carefree days as kids where we got to just hang out and have fun with our friends for a week.

What? There's a camp for adults? Where we can do all that and more? And it's in the Wisconsin Dells? Sign me up please. A camp has been invented just for adults. Its called Camp No Counselors. It has an open bar, and parties, and NO KIDS, and so much more. It's like summer camp for adults on steroids with no rules. Click here for all the info you need. So if you need to get away from life, work, your kids, and all responsibility I suggest you find a few friends and sign up. Happy camping.


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