Bed Bath & Beyond is circling the drain. One of the two stores in Rockford has closed, now they're closing 40 more stores.

Within the next six months, 40 more Bed Bath & Beyond stores will be permanently closed.

The retailers statement from earlier this week said they were closing a "limited number of stores" in 19 states because they “no longer meet the standards our customers expect from us.”

What exactly does that mean? Isn't it their responsibility to meet those standards? Let's just call it what it is. We can buy a $20 spatula on Amazon (and it's probably half the price).

or now, the remaining Rockford Bed Bath & Beyond is safe. These are the three Illinois stores that will be closing:

  • Chicago, at 530 N. State Street
  • McHenry, at 3340 Shoppers Drive
  • Mount Prospect, at 1057 N. Elmhurst Road.

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