A beautiful new baseball stadium, a continued Major League Baseball affiliation, now we just need to name this new team.

Today, comes more great news for professional baseball, and baseball fans, in Beloit, Wisconsin. For almost 40 years, The Beloit Snappers have been a Major League Baseball Class A team. Most recently, the team was an affiliate of the Oakland Athletics, but that's going to change in a few months.

Beloit Baseball will now be an affiliate of the Miami Marlins. In addition to the new team affiliation, the team will be moving up in classification, too. Team president, Jeff Jurgella said,

“Not only will we be joining a first-class organization with one of the best farm systems in baseball, but our team will be moving up to the Advanced-A classification in 2021, allowing us to bring even better baseball and more talented prospects to the field in Beloit for our fans to watch."

When the 'former Snappers' start the season in their new stadium, they will also have a new name. That new name still hasn't been determined. A few months back, the team's new name was a topic of discussion on The Steve Shannon Show. Fans were asked to submit some possible new names and from the submissions we got these five:

Beloit Cheeseballs, Beloit Moo, Beloit Polka Pike, Beloit Sky Carp or the Beloit Supper Clubbers. All awful, in our opinion. An opinion we shared with Ben Witkins in the video below. Ben started a petition to keep the Snappers name if one of those five above would the new name.

Ben then created a sixth possibility for the team's new name that includes all of the five others that were submitted by fans. They've come up with The Beloit River Rockers. Check out their very marketable idea on Twitter.

Beloit River Rockers via Twitter
Beloit River Rockers via Twitter

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