PSA - It's illegal to pass school busses when they're stopped. The Beloit Turner School District is two weeks into their pilot program which put cameras on a few of their school buses. The goal of these cameras in to monitor illegal activity outside the buses such as cars illegally passing.

WIFR details -

The buses with cameras started running on April 1. Since then, the school has seen and reported over 20 violations -- more than one a day.  The school district installed cameras on three buses in their fleet to record the incidents. Installing the cameras cost between $7,000 and $8,000. Now, bus drivers on those buses can push a button if they see a car pass them illegally, and the cameras record. The school can then review the video and report the violation to the Town of Beloit Police Department.

The video footage is very clear and police are able to easily see license plate numbers. The police department can use that information to track down the drivers and issue citations, which include fines over $200.

So next time you think you can just drive around a stopped school bus, think again!

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