I can't quite make up my mind on these suggestions. I didn't think they were the real suggestions we get to vote on, but they are. 

Starting next season, the Beloit, WI baseball team will have a new name. The team will also no longer be playing at Pohlman Field, and be set up nicely in a brand new stadium. Take a look, here.

The current Beloit Snappers organization has spent the last few weeks accepting team name suggestions, and have narrowed the list to the five you'll see below.

This is one of those times that I should just remain quiet, if I have nothing positive to add to this conversation. But, that's me, not you. I shouldn't say that I think these possibilities are absolutely ridiculous, when I don't have a better suggestion. Much like some political races, where you have to pick the lesser of two evils. There is one I actually like, but only because I'm really hungry right now and could totally go for fish fry and an old-fashioned.

Beloit Snappers Reveal Ridiculous Potential New Team Names

Here are the five possible new names for Beloit's professional baseball team:

Beloit Cheeseballs

Beloit Moo

Beloit Polka Pike

Beloit Sky Carp

Beloit Supper Clubbers

That last one is my personal favorite.

According to wrex.com, the new name will be determined based on input from fan voting, national brand experts, community leaders and both major league and minor league baseball.

Click HERE to vote.

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