You're not the only one that thought the five possible new names for the team were absurd. You can vote for one of those, or sign this petition.

If you hadn't yet heard, the Beloit Snappers professional baseball team is getting a beautiful new ballpark and the owner wants a new name for the team, as well. I don't know how anyone in that meeting decided that these were the best possible new names.

Just say these out loud. These can't be real. It's like some sort of joke.


100% real.

The team wants you to vote for your favorite.

  • Beloit Cheeseballs
  • Beloit Moo
  • Beloit Sky Carp
  • Beloit Polka Pike
  • Beloit Supper Clubbers

I signed this petition. I'm sorry that I don't have a better suggestion other than, NOT ONE OF THESE FIVE.

Beloit native, Ben Witkins, a life-long baseball lover is embarrassed by what's happening to his hometown team, saying,

"The Beloit Snappers team name is one of the best names in all of minor league baseball and fits the Beloit community very well."

Ben respects and understands that a new name and shiny new merchandise creates an important revenue stream vital to the health of the team. What his petition is asking, is that they keep the Beloit Snappers name intact and consider other alternatives.

Sign the Petition to Keep the 'Beloit Snappers' Name
Beloit Snappers via Facebook

Sign the petition to keep the Beloit Snappers name, here.

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