A few months ago we told you that Shopko was having me some major financial problems and was having to restructure. Well, it looks like the hammer has dropped and all of their locations will be closed in June according to WREX.com, the original plan was to only close 38 stores and relocate 20 optical centers, but that fell through. It's tough to see companies like this close down. After all, they do employ a good bit of people. I guess one could blame the closing on online shopping and how massive it's becoming.

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There is some good news though, The store liquidation sale will begin on Thursday. You will be able to save a ton of money on the items you need so they can clear the store. We talked to one of their employee's and it seems that some prices have already dropped drastically. It looks like the Belvidere store will be closing on the 16th of June or before depending on merchandise still in the store. So if you want to save some bucks and need to go shopping, Shopko will be the place to do it until they close their doors forever.