Searching for a place to eat that the entire family can agree on is one of the most exhausting things for a parent.

As a father of three boys whose taste buds are a bit different from mine, I can attest.

It's like pulling teeth, because often if a restaurant's kids menu is vast, in my experience I'm expecting the main (or adult) offerings to be subpar.

Photo by Gábor Szűts on Unsplash
Photo by Gábor Szűts on Unsplash

Sure, a place can make some chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and mini corn dogs but if that's what they specialize in, then why even go out to eat? You pretty much have all of that junk at home.

So when you've finally run out of hope for a decent family restaurant where the kids are entertained, and the food is good for people young and old, you find this place.

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A place so perfect for the family it has been dubbed the most kid-friendly restaurant in Illinois according to Food Network.

They tend to know a thing or two about food, so I'm gonna go ahead and give Food Network the benefit of doubt.

It's called Roots Handmade Pizza. One look at Roots on Facebook shows you exactly why kids and adults like this joint.

Food Network:

There’s a pie for every palate, with toppings like housemade sausage, taco fillings or short rib, as well as a specialty pies created by local guest chefs. Kids get pizza dough to play with throughout the meal and a kids’ menu to color on; kids’ non-pizza options include mini corn dogs or housemade fettuccine with butter.

Alexandra A. on Yelp called the menu "fun and quirky" and Roots "would be a great place to go with friends and family."

Then again if you think you're in for a cheap night out for the family, Yelp reviewer Jenn W. says "It's extremely expensive for pizza - $86 later and I'm wondering what this experience could have/should have been like."

You may need to bring the family to Roots to see it in person. Roots Handmade Pizza is located at 1610 North Wells Street in Chicago.

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