With brat in their name, the best places in Wisconsin to eat brats.

It Is Time For Brat Season

I know it is not officially fall yet, but to me, it starts after Labor Day. When football season begins, the leaves start to change color, and the temperatures get a little bit chillier.

In my opinion, the perfect tailgating food is a brat. When it comes to brats, I would say that Wisconsin is the brat capital of the United States.

So if you plan on taking a trip up north this fall, I suggest finding a place that serves them up as a regular dish.

Of course, that probably describes just about every restaurant in Wisconsin. How do you decide where to go? Well, I have a suggestion.

Video: A Bratwurst Story

How To Pick A Restaurant To Get Brats

When craving a brat, I started thinking about where to go with so many choices. After contemplating this important question, I came up with a logical solution.

Pick a place with brat in their name. I believe you have to serve delicious brats if it is in your official title.

So, here are some places to check out.

Best Places In Wisconsin To Eat Brats With Brat In Their name

Video: Brat House Grill - Best Brats - Wisconsin 

Video: Brat House Grill - Best Brats - Wisconsin

Video: Campus Eats: State Street Brats | Wisconsin

Video: ottos beer and brat garden

Video: Best Bratwurst: Brat Stop

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