A 160 room hotel and convention center was announced today. Wait until you hear all the features this place will have, especially on the 12th floor.

Today, Gorman & Company released their plans for the redevelopment of the historic Amerock building in downtown Rockford adjacent to Davis Park, according to wrex.com. The building will be turned into a Hilton Embassy Suites & Conference center.

Inside the hotel, according to plans:

  • Ground floor swimming pool
  • First floor restaurant with an outdoor patio
  • Large atrium facing the river
  • A fitness & business centers
  • Retail space
Gorman & Company

For me, it's the plans for the 12th floor deck that have me most excited. A bar and an outdoor deck for dining at Davis Park facing the river.

Gorman & Company

Another great feature would be the over 650 jobs created between construction and staffing the hotel.

Click here to see more renderings and details of Gorman & Company's plans.