The biggest 24 karat gold-plated structure ever built is located in Illinois.

There Is A Gold Pyramid In Illinois

When I think of pyramids, the state of Illinois does not come to mind. Of course, Egypt does, because that is where they are well known. There is no way, you could find one in the Land of Lincoln, right? I did not think so, well, until now.

Photo from Rocko Onan YouTube Video

Illinois' Very Own Pyramid

That is right, there is a real-life pyramid located in Illinois and it is made of gold. You can find it in Wadsworth, Illinois. It was built by Jim Onan and his wife.

Photo from Rocko Onan YouTube Video

According to,

"The largest 24-karat gold-plated object ever created" is the private home of a rich Armenian garage builder and his family, built-in 1977."


Photo from Rocko Onan YouTube Video

The Giant Gold Pyramid Stats...

  • 6-stories (55-feet) tall
  • 17,000-square-feet
  • Bright yellow
  • Located on island surrounded by moat
  • 50-foot statue of Pharaoh Ramses II
  • Replica of King Tut’s tomb
  • 3 smaller pyramids on 4-car garage
  • Hieroglyphics painted on fence
  • Egyptian busts
Photo from Rocko Onan YouTube Video.jpg
Photo from Rocko Onan YouTube Video

According to,

"Onan and his wife built the home in 1977. Onan was always taken by Egypt and thought, “why not bring this to Illinois?”


Photo from Rocko Onan YouTube Video

It was featured on the Travel Channel. Check out the episode for yourself...

Video: Gold Pyramid featured on Home Made Travel Channel

For more info, HERE.

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