You might not know this, because we don't put her on the air often, but The Steve Shannon Show has an intern and she is so cute, and funny and I'm just going to say it, she's a little naïve. Today she reminded me of that when she asked us if the Stanley Cup playoffs started today. (I'll be honest, I didn't even know so I guess that makes me a little naïve too) She asked because she picked up an extra shift at the bar that she works at and while Wednesdays are normally pretty quiet there, she was hoping with the playoffs that it would be busy.  Without hesitation, I told her it will definitely be busy. As a matter of fact, I've never spent more time in a bar and drank more than when the Blackhawks were in the playoffs last year; my liver is just now recovering.

While I was checking the playoff schedule, I came across this incredible video, and even though I'm rooting for my Minnesota Wild to make it to the finals, I plan on cheering on the Blackhawks the entire series...well, until the play the Wild, if that happens.  Take a look and try not to get the chills.

Let's go Hawks!