Millions of consumers around the country are losing their minds over a colorful, reusable, giant stainless steel cup that's nearly $50.  What's the deal?

After seeing dozens of people line up and wait to get their hands on a limited-edition Starbucks Stanley Cup outside of Target in Rockford, I needed to know what all the rave was about.

I've never had the desire to hop on the bandwagon whenever something goes extremely viral on the internet, let alone camp out to be part of the chaos.

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After I saw this video at a Target store unveiling their limited-edition pink Stanley cup (which sold out in 4 minutes), I knew pure chaos would ensue after seeing people elbow each other like it was Black Friday in 2007.  Those were the days... now we just look insane.

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If you're wondering how Stanley cups magically went viral: the internet.

Stanley has been around for over 100 years and they originally targeted mainly workmen and outdoorsmen.  Once online Influencers got a hold of a Stanley Quencher, their blog blew up and the golden gates of Stanley cups were opened to women all over the planet.

So, for Starbucks to release a pink tumbler during a time when it's the most sought out product in the country?  The took full advantage of this moment.  Pure genius.

Why are people so obsessed with this reusable water bottle, though?

"Stanley-branded drinkware has been everywhere since January of last year. The brand's 40-ounce insulated tumblers are especially popular now among younger people. They're said to be easy to carry and capable of keeping drinks cold for hours." [BI]

My sister went viral with her Stanley cup months ago when she filled it with a McDonald's coke and it stayed crispy all day long.  Millions of views later, everyone in her comment section wanted one.

All it takes is one person to influence the rest of the world!

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Just last month, a woman made a TikTok about her car catching fire and the only thing that survived was her Stanley cup - the ice didn't even melt, either!

I guess that's what the company means when they say, "Built For Life".

"Stanley products are created and manufactured to last a lifetime. And we stand behind that with our Built for Life™ lifetime warranty."


So, if you're wondering why everyone is rushing to Target stores to get their hands on a $50 Stanley Quencher, it's because we fear of missing out on everything.  If we can't have it now, all hell will break loose and it's the end of the world.

That's how it feels sometimes, anyway.

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