In the wake of Rockford city officials asking for help finding the worst potholes in town, we figured we'd try to help out too.

So we shared the story on our Facebook page yesterday, and asked "where are the worst potholes in Rockford" and you delivered.

Because any and all potholes are bad, here are the 10 worst in no particular order.

  1. 20th Street
  2. East State Street
  3. Newburg Road
  4. Kishwaukee Road
  5. Rural Street
  6. Illinois Route 251
  7. Riverside Boulevard
  8. Harrison Avenue
  9. Whitman Street Bridge
  10. 11th Street

Honorable mention goes to Alpine Road right in front of ATC Aerospace. It's a disaster and a half.

rockford potholes
laurenpretorius, ThinkStock

Don't forget, you can let the city of Rockford know of potholes you'd like filled by calling 779.348.7260.

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