They're back! Roads are erupting just in time for Illinois Pothole Season. Here's how you can help the City of Rockford's Street Division repair them faster.

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Illinois Roads are the Worst

It's nice to see the temperatures starting to rise into the mid-40s in Illinois, but as "Carm" from The Bear said,

there's always another shoe.

The other shoe to drop, warmer temps mean it's time for the potholes to bloom.

Mother nature brought us quite a bit of snow and freezing rain, we had rain last week, so those freeze-thaw cycles followed by rapid temperature increases from the single digits up into the 30s definitely has created quite a few potholes citywide. (Rockford Public Works Street Division Head Mitch Leatherby)

I'm sure I'm not the only Rockford driver who's stood next to their newly damaged vehicle yelling at a pothole like we're Samuel L. Jackson.

City of Rockford Facebook
City of Rockford Facebook

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City of Rockford

The city's Street Division, among many things, is out daily repairing the worst in the area are being repaired. This means they're likely not aware of some of the smaller but no less irritating potholes in your neighborhood.

We kind of rely on feedback from residents, from drivers. We have a work order system. We take requests, pothole patch requests. (Laeatherby said)

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How To Request a Rockford Pothole Patch

Call the street department at 779-348-7260 and give the location (or approximate location), and what roadway.

From there, a work order gets generated and sent to the Streets Division.

In addition to calling the street department, you can also visit Rockford Public Work’s website. Click HERE to fill out a request order.

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