Don't say I didn't warn you about one of the worst potholes to exist in Rockford.

I can't remember a time that roads in Rockford were actually pleasant to drive on.  No matter how much construction the city says they're doing to fix our roads, there are still a ton of potholes I've seen too many cars get swallowed up by.

Sometimes, I feel compelled to buy a stockpile of giant orange cones and put them in potholes I see around town.  At least someone would be trying to help drivers not destroy the alignment of their vehicles!


One of the worst potholes I've fallen victim to recently has to be over by Dollar Tree on E State Street in Rockford.  That parking lot has never given me problems, until now.

My cousin and I were pulling into the lot and her driver side front tire took a big dip into the ground.  After we parked, we couldn't believe what we hit.

One Of The Worst Potholes In Rockford Is In This Parking Lot

The parking lot directly in front of Dollar Tree on State has a massive crater in the middle of the drive aisle that you literally can't avoid.  If you're driving through the lot at night time, good luck even seeing the pothole.

It came outta NOWHERE.  Look how big this thing is, I wasn't kidding!


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For reference, my cousin got in the pothole to show how deep it was haha.  For about 20 minutes, we couldn't stop talking about it.

I SWEAR... this pothole wasn't there a few weeks ago.  Am I wrong?!


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We sat in the parking lot and watched other cars fall victim to the hole, too.  Made us feel a little better that we weren't the only ones lol.

You've been warned... now don't make the mistake like we did and become one with the Earth.  Save your car the maintenance!

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