Finding a great brunch hotspot for you and Pops is a major priority this weekend.  Illinois has some delicious eateries to hit up.

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As I've gotten older, I have started going on a lot of brunch dates with friends.  Not sure if it just comes with age, but it's a really relaxing time of day.  That's what your dad needs this Father's Day!


If you're still trying to figure out what to do for Father's Day, I'm here to save the day.  Yelp always has pretty good recommendations... that's my go-to lol.

10 Best Places To Take Dad For Brunch in Rockford, According To Yelp

1. The Machine Shed - 7475 E State St, Rockford

2. Stockholm Inn  2420 Charles St, Rockford

3. The Norwegian - 1402 N Main St, Rockford

4. Fresco At The Gardens - 318 Spring Creek Rd, Rockford

5. Franchesco's Ristorante - 7128 Spring Creek Rd, Rockford

6. GreenFire Restaurant Bar & Bakery - 6795 E Riverside Blvd, Rockford

7. Hoffman House - 7550 E State St, Rockford

8. Fiesta Restaurant Mexican Eatery - 396 W Chrysler Dr, Belvidere

9. Smokey Bones - 6690 E State St, Rockford

10. Giordano's - 333 Executive Pkwy, Rockford

I'd switch a few of these on the list with other places in the Rockford area, but I agree with majority of it.  I'm still debating on where to take my dad... he usually wants to just cook at home to save money haha.


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Definitely check out some of these brunch spots if you're really having a hard time trying to find the perfect place.  Honestly, being surrounded by your favorite people this weekend sounds perfect already!

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