This contest is easy to enter and it pays great dividends. Their offer includes a cash signing bonus and more money if your team wins the championship.

Softball season is near and finding a team sponsor can always be a little difficult. Bussch Beer would like to handle all that for you.

Busch Beer is run-in a promotion where they'''sponsor your team and give you a $5000 signing bonus. They're paying out $10,000 for a championship bonus. According to, they intend to absolutely spoil the teams they choose to sponsor.

Softball teams that are sponsored by Busch get their own Busch Ad campaigns, brand new Busch jerseys and hats -- and … wait for it … a season supply of free Busch Beer.

Any softball rec team can enter, and doing so couldn't be any easier. To enter this contest, send a Twitter message to @BuschBeer with a team name and reasons why you deserve the sponsorship, along with the hashtags #SponsoredByBusch and #Contest.

For all the contest fine print, click HERE.

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