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Parents might want to be prepared for explaining what these little figures are wearing because they're secretly wearing "a little" bit clothing.

Since I know very little about L.O.L. Suprise Dolls except for the fact that my 6-year-old daughter asking for one every time we go to Target I decided to do some research. Apparently, according to LottaLOL.com, LOL originally stood for "Little Outrageous Littles." They say the verbiage was scrapped on the packaging and kept it with "LOL."

The little toys have a thousand accessories for our kids to use for us to rebuy again later. But it's not these accessories that parents are getting up in arms over, it's what hidden on the figures' skins.

Snopes.com rates this "rumor" as mostly true. The website claims it's not some new variation of the little dolls but does mention the color-changing effects don't happen with all dolls, only some.

Holly Johnson, of Byron, Illinois, stumbled across this little bizarre piece of news and decided to check it out for herself. She grabbed a cup, added ice, and filled it with water. (I'm assuming it was in that order. Her reaction involved an inner-monologue filled with surprise and swears words. Check out the video she shared on Facebook.

I decided to take one of Bs lol dolls and do the dip in ice water test to see if it’s true that they’re wearing secret hidden bondage/weird s--t underneath.

The bottom garment is hard to determine but there is definitely an anchor "tattoo" on the back of that LOL Doll's right leg.

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