If you missed the awesome news, Stateline native Cohl Woolbright launched his very own beauty company SOHL Lashes. Which is an incredible accomplishment in itself!

If having your own beauty company ins't exciting enough, things are only getting better for Cohl and his new lash line. Check out who was seen wearing his lashes the other night -

I'M FAN GIRLING! This is the coolest thing ever, congratulations Cohl! The make up artist who did Cardi B's make up for the night put this video on instagram and tagged SOHL Lashes in the caption, how cool is that?

But Cardi B isn't the only one wearing SOHL Lashes, our very own Midday Michelle ordered herself a pari too! So basically, her and Cardi B are twinning.

You can follow along with Cohl's journey on his instagram and don't forget to follow his new lash line for all the exciting things I'm sure are coming. Can't wait to see which celebrity wears your lashes next Cohl.

Congrats again! You can grab a pair for yourself at his website SOHL Lashes. 

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