As a broadcaster, one of the most important things that I've been taught, heck, all of us has been taught, is that you should always double check all of your sources before reporting on any kind of news story.

We're living in a time where going viral, or at least being the first to get the news out there, is far more important that getting all of the facts right; leading us to more and more fake news.

Let me give you an example. After Rockford was hit with severe flooding on Monday night, two videos were quickly making the rounds online; the first was of a man riding his jet ski down Hononegah Road, and the other was of two men rescuing another man from the flood waters.

Two separate incidents, in two completely different locations, but possibly happening at the same time. Right?

Not according to CBS News, who claims it was a man jet skiing through the streets of Rockford to save people from the floods.

Seriously? How did they get this so wrong?

Sure, it makes for a great, feel-good story, but sorry, CBS, it's fake news. Face palm.

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