Get the Kleenex ready for this one!

Which is actually the point, because it's a Kleenex video, part of their "messages of care" project.

The company is creating videos to spread caring, and of course make us cry and need Kleenex.

This video did just that.

I'm not a big cry-er. TV shows, movies, commercials, I generally keep it together but this video almost had me in tears when I saw it this morning. The dog and the person are meant to be together, guys!

Just one second into the video and you'll probably need a tissue. Chance is this adorable puppy who can't use his back legs, so he waddles and moves around slower than your average puppy.

Chance was hit by a car and left on the side of the road before he was rescued by an animal shelter.

Then Michael and his wife adopted him because Michael also has a similar struggle to Chance. He is in a wheel chair and told his wife that no one would love Chance like they would.

The rest of the story is so sweet and adorable. Chance looks like he loves life with Michael and his wife and they are doing everything possible to make sure he lives a fun, active puppy life.

Kleenex please.

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