How many times a day do you read a headline that says something like "Drinking Diet Coke Linked to Cancer;" or "Health Experts Find a Link Between Eating Cupcakes and Early Death?"

OK, let's not get too dramatic here; I took it a little too far with that last headline. But it seems like everyday there's a new warning about the foods we eat and I'm starting to think that pretty soon, anything we put in our bodies is going to make us sick.

Who would've thought that a childhood favorite like macaroni and cheese would be next?

According to USA Today, the chemicals, known as phthalates, in the powdered cheese contain potentially dangerous chemicals that have been associated with genital birth defects in infant boys and caused learning and behavioral problems in children.

Experts say that the chemicals aren't intentionally added to food, they're actually considered to be ‘indirect’ food additives when they escape from food contact materials. And, they're also found in a lot of products we use everyday like soap, hairspray and cosmetics.

Just out of curiosity, will this stop you from eating one of the worlds tastiest and cheapest comfort foods? Or will you start making your mac and cheese from scratch?

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