Even a die-hard fan wouldn't spend this much on an ivy leaf, would they?

Ok. As I typed that I thought, well maybe one of my brothers or my dad would.

My oldest brother and my dad are very sentimental when it comes to sports, and my other brother likes buying dumb stuff and then tell people about it.

I also still have a screw from a Wrigley seat I was in one time in the 3rd row behind the dugout because it fell out and I took it home with me.

But, despite all of those facts, I still don't think any of us would actually (soberly) spend $200 on an ivy leaf.

I do think one of my brothers might devise a plan to just take one from the outfield...

But, apparently someone will buy these leaves because according to ESPN, they're up for sale.

Yep. Season ticket holders are getting the chance to buy one of 2016 available ivy leaves from last season at the totally regular price of $200 a leaf.

Get this, there's a leaf limit. 10.

Yep. I know.

Oh and there's shipping too, $15. But let's be real here. Anyone who is going to pay $200 for a leaf, probably won't mind the extra $15.

I'll just hang out with my seat screw.

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