Sofia Sanchez, an 11-year-old girl from Downers Grove, is waiting for a new heart at Lurie Children's Hospital.

Sofia was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, which says is "a condition that often leads to heart failure and need for heart transplantation in order to survive."

Sofia will turn 12 on Saturday, August 18 and is a huge fan of Drake. As it just so happens, Drake will be in Chicago on her birthday because he's performing at the United Center this Friday and Saturday.

Sofia hopes Drake finds some time to stop by Lurie Children's on Saturday to stop by and say "hi."

That's why she and her cousin decided to do the Kiki Challenge to try and get Drake's attention, and you guessed it, it's super cute.

Sofia also posted a video message for Drake saying "This week’s my birthday and this week’s your concert and I was hoping you could come cheer me up. I did the KiKi challenge. When you come here, I can show you. I hope you can come and cheer me up!”

No word on whether or not Drake will show up at Lurie Children's Hospital on Saturday, but if you have Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram you can always reach out to Drake and let him know about Sofia.

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