The holidays are the perfect time to get engaged. 

If you're thinking of asking that special someone for their hand in marriage, you'd probably want to do it at the "best place to get engaged" in Illinois.

Thanks to Orbitz, we know that place is The Signature Room in Chicago saying "the 'elevated' restaurant located atop the iconic John Hancock Center in Chicago, is the quintessential proposal spot in the city."

There is nothing worse than proposing in a place that doesn't scream "proposal." Personally, I proposed to Mrs. Sweet Lenny while she was in the tub. It took some convincing but she said "yes."

If you're wondering, the "best place to get engaged" in Wisconsin is in Lake Geneva at the Grand Geneva Golf Course. Specifically, the Brute and Highlands courses named as "best to get engaged."

A golf course? A bathtub proposal doesn't seem quite as bad now.

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