Starbucks is hoping to become known for more than just a spot for coffee.

While Starbucks also sells breakfast sandwiches and other bakery items, there hasn't been a change to their menu as large as what's going on in Chicago starting today.

Starbucks locations, only in Chicago, are rolling out a new "Mercato" lunch menu.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the "Mercato" is "a collection of sandwiches, salads and sides aimed at a variety of diets, with many items that are vegan, vegetarian or high in protein."

The "Mercato" is made up of six different options which Cosmopolitan says "Prices for the salads range from $8 to $9, and the sandwiches range from $5 to $8."

I'm happy to see that Chicago is getting the lunch menu but what about the rest of us? More importantly, what about me? You know, a guy from Rockford? What about me and the rest of Rockford? When will I see the menu come to town?

According to USA Today, "No date for the menu's national rollout has been announced yet." Well, that's disappointing. So it's up to you Chicago Starbucks people. Depending on how the reaction to the new "Mercato" menu in Chicago is received will probably dictate whether it will debut in Rockford or anywhere else.

For now, the rest of us can just look at the pictures and drool.

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