There's just something about dining at a restaurant with history that makes it that much better.

Eating your meal while you can look around and take in all the memories and history that surrounds you is such a treat. A new list just revealed the oldest restaurant in every state. So what's the oldest restaurant in Illinois?

Located in Long Grove, Illinois the restaurant was founded in 1847! Can you believe that? Their website details -

Established in 1847, The Village Tavern is the oldest tavern/restaurant in continuous operation in Illinois. We are able to seat over 125 patrons in our spacious dining room, which features a large brick fireplace and solid oak hand hewn beams, and our pub style bar. The massive 35’ mahogany “Presidents Bar” out of McCormick Place attracts locals and tourists alike.

I've been to Long Grove plenty of times, and the whole feel of the town is truly unmatched. I've also eaten at this place, and it was really good. Long Grove is such a fun trip to take with the whole family and spend a day just walking around Long Grove. Then once you've shopped and explored, you can experience some food history at Illinois' oldest restaurant.

From things like the wagon wheel bar, to the turkey sandwich made with REAL delicious turkey, this is definitely a place Illinois residents should have on their food bucket list.

The famous “all-you-can-eat” Fish Fry is served every Friday, and their signature broasted is served “all-you-can-eat” Monday and Wednesday nights. Check out the full menu here.


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