Remember earlier this month when the talk about floating docks being installed in Davis Park started swirling? That news came with the rumor that demolishing the Lorden Building at Davis Park would need to be done to make room for the floating docks. Well, we may not know the fate of the Lorden Building yet, but we do know the installations of floating docks is officially a go! (YAY!)

According to;

Rockford City Council members approved the addition of floating docks at Davis Park.

City leaders say this could be a venue for future events in Rockford. Officials are looking forward to a future where the riverfront park becomes a destination for tourists and residents alike in the Forest City.

These new floating docks will be possible thanks to a $250,000 Rebuild Illinois capital grant that was officially accepted by the Rockford City Council on Monday night.

Improvements to Davis Park have been ongoing for the last few years, but honestly, I can't believe it has taken this long to make the installation of floating docks a reality. I have SOOOO many fond memories of events and concerts that took in Davis Park, it's the place I met my love Keith Urban for the first time, and I REALLY want to start making awesome memories there again. Let's do this, Rockford!

Want some more good Rockford news? During Monday night's meeting, the Rockford City Council also approved the addition of electric Bird scooters in Downtown. reports the scooters should be available to rent throughout the downtown area by the end of 2021. Let's treat them kinder than the Lime Bikes, ok?


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