Here's an idea so dumb it might actually work.

In a Craigslist post titled "Coffee Shacked" a guy is sharing a "business concept" that has yet to be seen in Rockford.

The guy claims that roadside coffee in Rockford would be a thing and a bonafide money maker if we follow the plan in three easy steps.

Craigslist Guy Has Mysterious Business Idea For Rockford

First thing, you need a coffee maker, three of them to exact. You then need not one but two strong boxes, presumably for all of the money you are going to be making.

The third thing you need to get this million dollar idea of the ground is "one more item that Cnt (can't) be mentioned."

Rockford Craigslist
Rockford Craigslist

Is there anyone in town the would be willing to take a guess what the one more item that can't be mentioned might be?

We reached out to this enterprising newcomer to the Rockford area to find out. Stay tuned for details.

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