When you run out of space on your back, you have to put your Cutler autograph somewhere else, right?

We love the Bears, but this guy definitely loves the Bears more than anyone else. Glenn Timmermann is a die hard Bears fan and no one would argue with that.

Aside from having Bears decor all over his house, he also has Bears "decor" all over his body, in the form of autographs.

Mike Dikta? Yep, he's got that one on his head.

With that many Bears signatures on his body, you'd think he would be done, right? Nope. He's missing one important player, current Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler.

Cutler might not be everyone's favorite, but he'll definitely go down in Bears history, so Glenn needs his autograph added to his collection.

The problem? He's running out of room.

He tells DNA info that his face is "off limits" so he's looking to get Cutler's autograph on his butt. Oh the jokes! All the jokes.

The only thing holding him back from his Cutler butt stamp is meeting Cutler to get the autograph, apparently he's "hard to get ahold of." Not surprised, Glenn, not surprised.

[H/T DNA Info]

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