Don't laugh, but every time I go to a restaurant that offers the four pack of crayons and a place mat that kids can color on, I get them. Or if a local grocery store is having a coloring contest for Thanksgiving, I'm entering. You know the ones, where you have to color the pilgrim with the turkey?

Coloring is fantastic; I don't care how old you are. It's been proven to release stress, it's a great distraction from your daily adult responsibilities and it's just fun to relive your childhood days. Whatever your reason for coloring is, you have to make Crayola's new adult line of coloring books part of your escape routine.

The company just launched Crayola Color Escapes with "premium coloring pages specially designed for adults." The kit features an array of intricate black-and-white designs printed on paper just waiting to be filled in using your choice of fine-lined color markers, colored pencils or watercolor pencils. You can choose from four different designs: Nature, Garden, Kaleidoscopic, and Geometric. The price isn't too bad, either; just $24.99.

Anyone else putting this on their Christmas wish list?

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