You know that saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it?" That's exactly how I feel about all the toys meant for building that we used to play with back in the day. Toys like Legos, Lincoln Logs and Play-Doh. Sure, each comes with their own headaches, i.e. stepping on a Lego is the worst, you might find a Lincoln Log or two in your toilet and maybe your kids ingested some Play-Doh, but you're never going to hear of any of those toys causing your kid to possibly lose all their hair.

Parents are pulling their hair own hair out over having to cut their kid's hair off because they got Bunchems stuck in it.

Bunchems, according to the Wall Street Journal, are ball like toys that that are at the top of Target's toy list and they're even up for the Best Activity Toy in the Toy of the Year Awards. Yes, that really exists.

So, what the heck are they? Think of them like Legos but they're squishy, rubber balls that stick together like Velcro. Kids can piece the balls together to make things like Christmas trees, which ironically will end up in your kids hair; with those balls serving as decorations.  To get them out, you'll have to go through what one parent called "an elaborate hours-long extraction that can involve multiple vegetable oils, and hair conditioner, combs, crotchet hooks and even forks." Not exactly my idea of the perfect evening.

The toy itself costs around $25, but you'll probably end up spending $50 on a hair cut that hopefully won't leave your child traumatized for life. On the other hand, if there's a child that absolutely gets on your nerves, you can always get it for them.

Would you get these for your kids?

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