A presumed Eastern Illinois University student's cringe inducing texts show he doesn't really understand how to talk to women.

I get it, dating is complicated. Trying to figure out if the person you're interested in is as interested in you as he or she can be tough.

However, there are few things that you should know right away, including the appropriate way to talk to women. I learned there were things you could and couldn't say.

I learned that if you're in the "friendzone" you need to just move on. Sure, you can be friends with her but if you think you're going to change your status, you've got another thing coming.

This guy must've thought that the woman who was suddenly single was supposed to reach out to him immediately so they could fall in love, get married and have kids.

That's not how it works. Thankfully, the woman shut him down by ignoring his texts. I hope that he'll eventually get the picture and move on.

Have you ever had a guy like this in your life? What did you end up doing to show him that "it was never going to happen?"

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