Another day, another hilarious Cubs player story.

The Chicago Cubs are having a pretty amazing baseball season athletically, but you could argue they're having an even more amazing season off the field.

From after game karaoke parties, to helping fans propose, they seem to be doing and talking about everything to everyone.

Including, apparently, whether or not they wear a cup when they take the field.

I was under the impression all guys wore a cup whenever they played any sports. I have brothers, we all played sports, I thought it was basically part of the uniform.

Guess not.

Of the two arguably most popular Cubs players, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo, one is on "team cup" and ESPN reports that the other one says, "our hands are too good. We don't need to wear a cup."

So who wears one? Kris Bryant. As a third baseman, he says you never know how the ball is going to bounce once it's hit, or what might happen when you're at bat.

He's obviously more cautious than his buddy, Anthony Rizzo who thinks his fielding skills will protect him. The fact that there are usually less line drives to first base might be part of the reason too.

The rest of the team is pretty split on the cup topic, you can find out who needs a jockstrap in this ESPN interview.

Whatever you're wearing boys, just keep it up so we can still watch you play in October.

Sidenote: I can't believe I just wrote an article about which Cubs players wear a cup.

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