Seriously, Chicago Cubs player Anthony Rizzo is everywhere. Is this guy just living in the moment or what?

He doesn't seem to turn anything down or not have enough time to do awesome and fun stuff for his fans.

Including this guy, who asked Rizzo to help out with a marriage proposal at a memorabilia show this past weekend.

The All-Star first baseman didn't really say a whole lot other than ask the guy if he had any other questions that's when the proposer took over.

The guy proposed to his girlfriend with the ring (obviously) and a Cubs jersey that said "Marry Me" on the back.

All I could think while watching the video was how awkward that would be for me to be in the middle of that whole thing. I'd be like the kid on the left hand of the screen, crying and hoping to get out of that whole thing.

But that's why Rizzo is awesome. He just took the whole thing in stride. Just another occurrence of a guy who defines living in the moment.