The Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants series is officially over. The Cubs won game 4 in dramatic fashion but there's a server somewhere in Chicago that was wishing for the Giants to come back to Chicago for game 5.

Because, who knows, the same charitable person might make another stop at the Captain Morgan Club and rack up another $2,000 bill and leave another $5,000 gratuity on top.

Yes, one server received a $5,000 tip from an apparent Giants fan. It's just a guess but the "Go Giants" at the top of the receipt helps.

The tip was left for the server on Saturday, October 8, just after game 2 of the Cubs-Giants series at Wrigley Field.

The anonymous big tipping group goes by the name TipsForJesus, where based on the service, leave huge tips for servers or bartenders.

While the idea of people in Chicago and maybe the Rockford area, receiving massive cash tips is great. I wouldn't get your hopes up too high. Tips For Jesus looks like they do most of their work on the west coast, but you never know, maybe the Giants and TipsForJesus will be back in Chicago next season.

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