If you need a dose of cuteness this morning, you're in luck because cuteness was just born at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

Is it weird that I imagined baby peguins would be white?

I was very wrong, these babies are black and look a lot like baby ducks or swans.

These chicks, which is what baby penguins are called, are the newest babies at the Shedd, one was born last Friday and another born on Monday, according to WGN-TV.

They don't have names yet and get this, they don't have the same parents taking care of them.

Baby #1 (who they are referring to as Chick 420) is currently being taken care of by the penguins actual parents, Chile and JR, while baby #2 (Chick 421) is being cared for by foster 'rents, Howard and Georgia, which is all kinds of interesting and pretty adorable too.

They are Magellanic penguins, and I definitely want to go visit them this summer!

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