While we've been stuck at home for the past 8 months, the penguins from the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago have had quite the year. They've been on a ton of super fun field trips around the Shedd Aquarium. They've also left the Shedd and taken some adventures around Chicago like to the Field Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art.

Their most recent trip was to another Chicago hot spot. This time the penguins took a field trip to the home of the Chicago Bears, Solider Field!

And I mean, come on, do you expect anything less than pure adorable penguin fun?

The video details -

They're waddling down the field, and...goooalll! ⚽🐧🏈 Just in time for fall football season, Da Shedd Penguins visited home of Da Chicago Bears and Chicago Fire at Soldier Field! Magellanic penguins Tombo & Charlotte joined Izzy and Darwin to explore new sights and sensations—like grass under their webbed feet—and got exercise waddling from the Chicago Fire locker room to right past the goal line.

I'm so obsessed with these penguins. If you're obsessed like me, then I have something you need to know about.

Did you know you can have a virtual hang out with these penguins? The Shedd Aquarium is offering Virtual Penguin Encounters! If you know someone who loves visiting the aquarium or even just loves penguins, this is such a fun Christmas gift.

As weird as it sounds, I can honestly say it's fun to Zoom with penguins. The Steve Shannon Show got to do it with some penguins at Brookfield Zoo earlier this year.

10/10 recommend a virtual hang out with penguins. You can purchase your virtual experience here.

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