We Rockfordians love peaches. I mean, hello, we are the home of the Rockford peaches, but we are not the home of an Illinois peach festival.

I think it's time we get a peach festival going in Rockford!

This morning I was scrolling through Only In Your State and that's where I found all this peach fest info... which is in Cobden Illinois.

Clearly I have no idea where that is, but the Internet assures me it's over five hours away so if we did start a peach fest in Rockford they probably won't be too mad.

The Cobden Peach Festival is going on it's 82nd year and takes place on August 4 and 5.

It's pretty much your basic (delicious) fair with a carnival, entertainment and food, but the fun part of course, most of the food is made with peaches.

There's also a Peach Queen, bingo, raffles and a parade.

Anyone else want to bring a peach fest to the 815?

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