Possibly the largest chain bridal shop in the country will be filing for bankruptcy soon, what does that mean for brides-to-be?

Anyone who's ever been in a wedding or gotten married themselves has probably made a stop at David's Bridal.

Whether they ordered their dress there or not, David's was a stop, as it's probably the most convenient bridal shop in existence and if you have bridesmaids across the state or better yet the country, they probably can find a David's Bridal nearby to help them order their dress.

Now the company has announced they will be filing for bankruptcy and we wonder, what does that mean for brides-to-be?

According to NBC 5 Chicago, the company announced earlier this week they plan to file for bankruptcy soon, hoping to reduce their debt by over $400 million.

They also state that this bankruptcy will not effect brides-to-be in the slightest, with the company's CEO stating, 'David’s Bridal will continue to lead our category with an unbeatable selection of beautiful, high-quality wedding and special occasion dresses in a wide range of styles, colors, sizes, and prices.'

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