This Illinois city is a pretty big deal.

No, it's not Chicago, even though I'm fairly certain it would be up there as the drunkest city in Illinois.

Also, no, it's not Rockford or any other city in the 815 for that matter.

Actually, this town is kind of haul for people who live in both Chicago and Rockford.


However, there are plenty of people who do travel to this place for work, and it's mostly the kind of people who have been elected.

Any idea what city I'm talking about?

Well, according to 24.7 Tempo's Drunkest City in Every State list, Illinois' most drinky city is Springfield. D'oh!

No, it's not The Simpson's fictional Springfield, but from the sound of things, there may be a Moe's Tavern or two because people who live in the state's capital are more likely to drink heavily than in any other city in Illinois.


According to the numbers provided by 24/7 Tempo, binge drinking occurs in 22.9% of adults who live in Illinois compared to 23.8% who reside in Springfield.

That said, driving deaths are lower in Springfield than in the rest of the state (24.0% in Springfield to 28.8% state-wide).

Restaurant Guru says there are 309 bars in Springfield, and coupled with the population of the state's capital (114,394), there's enough for one per 370 people. To me, that sounds like a bunch, but what do I know?

That's enough for Homer, Barney, Lenny, and Carl to all get an ice-cold Duff.

The Simpsons

I know, you'll probably want to shade Springfield for being the drunkest city in Illinois, but it is far and away one of the least drunk cities in America if that means anything to you.

Take a look at the full list of the drunkest cities in the US HERE.

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