Taking a picture of yourself with your ballot or at the polling place has been a much-discussed topic since the 2016 election.

Remember everyone getting upset because Justin Timberlake posted a picture of himself after voting a few years ago?

If Timberlake was voting in Wisconsin he would've totally been OK.

According to CNN, "you may take a selfie, but workers may ask you to stop if you are creating a distraction. They also really suggest you don't post a selfie with your marked ballot. You won't get in trouble, but it will raise questions as to whether someone paid you to do so (which is majorly illegal)."

However, in Illinois taking a ballot selfie isn't a good idea. Actually, it's against the law.

The Daily Journal says "Snapping a photo of your filled-in ballot and posting it on Facebook or Instagram is technically a Class 4 felony in Illinois, which comes with a prison sentence of one to three years. According to the Illinois Election Code, anyone who 'knowingly' casts his or her ballot in a way that 'can be observed by another person' is breaking the law."

Now you know, so while you're out today doing your civic duty, please stay away from the ballot selfies. Pictures of your "I Voted" sticker remain totally OK though.

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